The Story of The Hurricane Candle

Once upon a time there...there was a couple who lived in a far far away country called The Philippines where they made candles in a big castle with the help of many helpers. It was the rein of King Morten and Queen Marichu who ruled the candle industry and employed most of the helpers in the kingdom called Inosluban. Together they produced candles for people to enjoy around the world. The list of countries was just too long to count. Some of the clients used it for their homes, others to light the way on those dark winter night while others used it in spas and others just to chillax.
It was a snowy winter day in Lipa City when Prince Morten said ENOUGH! Let us make a candle that will last forever. Queeen Marichu looked on in astonishment and promptly started making beautiful designs. Questions like “how, who, where and how much” went back and forth for months. One day, a hurricane was ravaging through the cold winter night and caused all electricity to stop. Armed with 50 candles Queen Marichu continued to design while King Morten looked on and prepared coffee from the royal mug. The Queen worked for weeks and weeks until the designs where perfect during which time she did not eat, drink or watch Netflix. One day, as if ordered by the Queen herself, the hurricane stopped, the electricity came back on and the wifi in the castle went back on. The Queen showed the fabulous designs to the King who immediately made some royal powerpoints and send them to clients far and wide. The Queen, being famished obviously, ate cookies and cakes prepared by Princess Sophie and brewed ale from the local breweries in town. They realized that they had been using a shell of wax with a tealight inside for the duration of the Hurricane. The King was able to light up the entire castle for weeks while the Hurricane brought devastation to the town of Inosluban. The most innovative and beautifully produced candle design wa born. The Queen exclaimed “By royal decree, I will call it The Hurricane Candle”. Everybody laughed, cried and sang songs about that for years to come. People said that it could not be done but the King turned sales out and the Queen kept making more and more beautiful designs for people to buy.
The royals went to join tradeshows in Los Angeles, Dubai, Copenhagen and Hong Kong to show the world what they had made. People saw it was was immediately amazed. The Chinese said “how on earth can we copy that?” or “it’s not a candle, its a lamp but no, not really, its more like a lantern but made of wax, I dont get it, no castles here man”. When they showed it to the Germans they said “ach so, aber how many grams is it and when can you make a plain one to keep the price down”. When they went to Denmark the Danes said “jamen, it’s just beautiful and we love to use it during winter in our castles as well”. The Americans loved it in Los Angeles gift show and comments received by the King were “so its made of wax, you put a tealight inside, ok I get it, but what’s it got to do with a hurricane?”. The Americans, not being the smartest of the bunch, had to have many samples, videos and demonstrations until they finally knew what the product was about. Hundreds of years later the Americans placed orders for their stores today called Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn where peasants (who had $ 29.99) could buy the Hurricane Candles and stay warm for the winter as well.
In the Kingdom of Candle was now able to employ hundreds of young hard-working people to join the castle production of Hurricane Candles. The workers rejoiced as they were finally employed and earned a good wage. They even received free coffee served by King Morten which, with the help of the royal caffeine, boosted production and quality. The workers became skillful artisans themselves and took honor in their craft. Each piece was a unique piece of art which blood, sweat and tears gone into each piece. Tears because of the rough quality control, blood because of all the cuts they got during production and sweat because of the long hot summers in the kingdom.
After making candles in the kingdom for 500 years the Queen eventually became a doctor so she could heal the people in the kingdom. It was then obvious to change the name to Doc’s Candles which is the brand being used in the 21st century. King Morten loved the name but that apostrophe in the name caused many problems in the years to come. Some people would think it was a pet brand as they thought it was spelled “dogs candles”. Others thought it was something to do with medicine and then there were those who simply thought it was some kind of cartoon series (Ducks Candles...). Eventually the entire kingdom would learn their name and how to spell it as every house, every bar and restaurant had bought a Hurricane Candle from Doc’s Candles by the end of the century.
The Original Hurricane Candle series can still be found in various castles and kingdoms around the world...but now being sold mostly online which you now also can HERE.
Thanks for reading, spread the word, the Hurricane Candles are here to stay.
Royally yours,
By royal decree
Queen Marichu and King Morten (formerly known as Kingdom of Candle)